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Hotel wifi Paris

Hotel with wifi in Paris

When you travel in family or for business, stay at the Hôtel Thérèse in Paris, which has wi-fi. This "hotel de charme", with wi-fi, is ideally situated in the heart of Paris. The Louvre, the Palais Royal, the Rue Saint Honoré and the Opera are all nearby. The Hôtel Thérèse in Paris, with wi-fi, is the perfect destination for a stay in the capital.

A hotel with wi-fi at Paris Opera

The Hôtel Thérèse in Paris has 43 fully-equipped rooms with wi-fi, as well as a spacious reception room, which makes for pleasant stays, both private and professional. This 3-star hotel with wi-fi in Paris is ideally situated in the centre of the capital, near the Louvre and the Palais Royal. While staying at the Hôtel Thérèse in Paris, you will be able to relax at the same time as taking advantage of the wi-fi connection available in the establishment.

3-star hotel with wi-fi in Paris

Near the Opera Garnier, the Hôtel Thérèse welcomes you to Paris in an outstanding setting, equipped with wi-fi, perfect for discovering the centre of the capital during your business trips. You will be staying in the heart of Paris in this hotel, full of character and equipped with wi-fi. Situated in a vibrant area which is home to many architectural treasures, this "hotel de charme" equipped with wi-fi is the ideal place for your outings in Paris.